Our team of experienced architects creates interior design projects with unique style and timeless character. We offer design services for investments across Poland and beyond. The cost of developing an interior design project for cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw, Lodz, Lublin, and Gdansk is determined individually, and distance does not affect the price.

Here we present interior design projects for apartments, houses, commercial spaces, as well as single-family homes and public buildings. All presented arrangements are original ideas prepared for our clients according to their expectations.

Which types of properties’ interiors can we design?


We design interiors for houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, cosmetic and medical offices, as well as any other spaces that require professional and unique arrangement.

By ordering an interior design project from our studio, you can be assured of smooth execution and professional support throughout the process.

What elements are included in an interior design project?


Each interior design project is the result of creative work by the architect. The project consists of several stages that are closely related to each other. Each of them is the result of agreements between the architect and the client. A well-prepared project guarantees smooth implementation of the interior and full satisfaction of the future user. During work on subsequent stages, various alternative arrangements and technical solutions can be analyzed and visualized. This allows for conscious and purposeful creation of the interior according to the most refined expectations. The main elements of the interior design project include:

  • functional layout
  • visualizations
  • technical documentation
  • material lists

What are the main scopes of interior design projects?


The main types of projects offered by interior architects include:

  • Functional interior design project
  • Conceptual interior design project
  • Comprehensive interior design project
  • Supervised interior design project

In what style do we offer interior design projects?


We adeptly navigate through every style and create unique spatial arrangements. Interior design projects can be executed in any style. Sample arrangements include:

  • Classic interior design project
  • Modern classic interior design projects
  • Modern style interiors
  • English interior design project
  • Art deco interior design
  • Glamour arrangements
  • Provencal style interiors
  • And many more…