We are a creative team with extensive experience and unconventional ideas. We provide interior architect services for projects in Poland and around the world.



We are a design studio primarily operating in the Polish market, but we also undertake projects beyond the country’s borders. Our team consists of experienced interior designers and architects with unconventional ideas. The interiors created in our studio are original spaces tailored to the expectations and preferences of our clients. We craft extraordinary compositions that align with current design trends while maintaining a timeless character. Our knowledge and dedication allow us to guarantee the highest quality of interior projects, both aesthetically and functionally. We provide support at every stage of the investment, ensuring smooth and hassle-free implementation. We keep in mind that it is the client who will use the interior we design, and therefore, their needs are paramount.


Every interior designer and architect strives for excellence by gaining new experiences and expanding their skills. We have gained our project experience by creating interiors for both public and residential spaces. We have designed interiors for hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, apartments, houses, and large prestigious residences with the highest degree of design complexity. Each investment and new project is a challenge for us. Our projects are implemented throughout the country, including cities such as Krakow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lodz, Lublin, and many others.

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An interior architect is not just a profession but also a tremendous passion. We invest a lot of dedication and heart into our projects. Creating beautiful and cohesive spaces is an extraordinary process for us, from which we derive immense satisfaction. We are ambitious and strive for continuous growth and professional development.


Our goal and mission are to create cohesive and harmonious interiors. We place great emphasis on ensuring that our projects have a timeless and universal character. We create with respect for tradition, often drawing inspiration from classical stylistic trends. We admire, respect, and humbly refer to the achievements and works of interior architects from past eras. We are inspired by spatial compositions of various interior design styles, combining them with contemporary elements and equipping them with modern material and technological solutions.

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The founder of ArtCore Design is MSc Eng. Arch. Ewa Sadowska-Wicherek.

She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Cracow University of Technology. She also studied architecture at FHS Cottbus in Germany. She gained professional experience in Krakow design studios, where she worked as an independent interior designer and architect. For many years, she was also associated with the “Horizon” hand drawing studio, co-leading classes preparing for architecture studies exams. She is the author of illustrations and co-editor of the book “Fundamentals of Architectural and Landscape Drawing.”

She prefers a holistic philosophy where the structure of interior architecture and decorative elements create unity. Her innate sense of effortless elegance has been strengthened by years of professional practice. Her sense of aesthetics and talent for optimal space planning are reflected in elegant, timeless interior designs. Understanding scale and proportion helps her create harmonious and warm spaces. Clients appreciate her attention to detail, enthusiastic energy, and ability to translate their lifestyle and preferences into inspiring and functional interiors.

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